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Ludacris sues Texas couple for copyright infringement

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Twelve years ago, Ludacris rose to fame and he brought a new meaning to the phrase “disturbing the peace.” Of course, when Ludacris used the phrase, it was Disturbing Tha Peace, which went on to become one of Def Jam’s most-profitable subsidiaries. Ludacris went on to release four multi-platinum albums through DTP/Def Jam.

Ludacris used the Disturbing Tha Peace brand to branch out and now he is the owner of several businesses through the Greater Atlanta area. While rap is no longer his primary meal ticket, Ludacris still contributes albums here and there. Ludaversal, which is due early next year, will be Ludacris’ next offering to the rap game.

Recently, Ludacris filed a lawsuit against a couple in Texas over their naming their recording studio “Disturb Tha Peace.” Owning the “disturbing the peace” phrase since 2003 and Ludacris said he does not want people misled by their brand.