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Vinny Cha$e talks representing Harlem [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With New York City back in the hip hop spotlight, Harlem has played a major part in the resurgence. There is Knocka, Cliff Po, Teyana Taylor, 9 Milly, and many others who have made significant moves. However, much of the credit of making Harlem relevant again went to A$AP Rocky.

In recent weeks, Vinny Cha$e has caught the attention of hip hop fans. Many have tried comparing Vinny Cha$e to A$AP Rocky, but he asserts those comparisons are simply lazy. Now, outside of the A$AP Mob, there is another Harlem rapper rising to fame.

Vinny Cha$e is making major moves and even has a new mixtape out. Helping to put Harlem back on the map, Vinny Cha$e spoke on his hometown. Harlem has lacked a hip hop representative for so long. Suddenly, there are two Harlem rappers emerging and become stardom.

Watch the entire interview below: