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Big Sean explains what a “Detroit player” is with Complex [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer 

A new side of Detroit hip hop was introduced when Kanye West gave Big Sean the green light to take over the rap game. Big Sean formed a nice bond with Chris Brown, as the two have consistently made bangers. Wiz Khalifa is also among Big Sean’s collaborators, along with Game.

In the near future, Eminem will also be among Big Sean’s collaborators. Eminem’s version of Detroit was all many had to go off for the longest time. The reason for this was because Eminem and his affiliates were the first to gain hip hop success. With no real ties to Eminem, Big Sean presents an entirely different style.

Despite living it up in New York City and partying in Miami, Big Sean never forgets where he is from. On most of his records, Big Sean mentions his hometown. Often, the young rapper refers to himself as a “Detroit player.” Complex caught up with Big Sean after his Detroit performance and questioned him about this.

Watch the entire interview below: