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“The Anchor Show” with V!RTU returns

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A few months have gone by since “The Anchor Show” was last featured on Hip Hop Vibe. Better late than never is the saying and is indeed the case, as “The Anchor Show” has not lost a step. Hip hop continues to make steps toward the mainstream, but what many refer to as “real” hip hop still exists.

Though he is a native of the Bay Area, V!RTU finds himself interested in all terms of “real” hip hop. When “The Anchor Show” was offered, V!RTU jumped on it and included this type of music on his show. Located in North Carolina, “The Anchor Show”  has become highly popular.

Over the weekend, V!RTU held the latest edition of “The Anchor Show,” featuring special guests Lazurus and Millie Vaughn. Delivering more of the best in alternative hip hop, V!RTU’s show is now hitting its stride and better than ever before. “The Anchor Show” is airs every Saturday.

Listen to the November 24, 2012 episode of “The Anchor Show” below: