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Nicki Minaj talks “Freedom” and fighting backlash with FUSE TV [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Now three albums deep, unofficially, Nicki Minaj is considered to be a veteran in the game. A lot of rappers do not even make it to two albums, let alone three. Nicki Minaj easily disproved being a one hit wonder and next has to prove she is more than a fad. Delivering seven new tracks, Nicki Minaj returned with The Re-Up.

With her new album out, Nicki Minaj has made her media rounds promoting the new album. One place where Nicki Minaj has found continued support is FUSE TV, who played her videos without commentary in the midst of her backlash. Because of this support, Nicki Minaj sat down with them while Lil Wayne was talking to MTV.

During her interview with FUSE TV, Nicki Minaj discussed her “Freedom” single and how she has handled the opposition aimed at her. When asked why she is receiving such hate, Nicki Minaj said she will never fully understand why. Despite this, Nicki Minaj plans to continue making music for those who do support her.

Watch the entire interview below: