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On the Record: Kendrick Lamar talks Tupac Shakur

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Expectations have been high for Kendrick Lamar, as he comes from Los Angeles, a city filled with hip hop legends. Growing up in Los Angeles in the 1990s, Kendrick Lamar was obviously inspired by Tupac Shakur. Ironically, Kendrick Lamar would also team up with Dr. Dre.

A new hip hop series has arrived, called “On the Record.” Several of the biggest names in the rap game are invited to sit down and discuss their favorite artists. Stalley, spoke to “On the Record” yesterday. The Maybach Music artist discussed Nas’ Illmatic, one of his favorite albums.

Kendrick Lamar went “On the Record” today and he talked about Tupac Shakur. His favorite song from Tupac Shakur is “Dear Mama.” Though Kendrick Lamar is coming up in the same city that was home to much of the drama of 1990s beef, he represents a different culture. The Top Dawg rapper has chosen to refrain from beefing, even though Game and Shyne are going at it over him.

Watch the entire video below: