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Master P talks Game collaboration

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Known for name-dropping on his records, Game has mentioned many of the biggest artists in the game simply to complete his rhyme. While he would like to overlook it given the final outcome, many first heard Game alongside 50 Cent. Initially thought to be a 50 Cent track, the “How We Do” single was Game’s initial debut.

In the first verse, Game name-drops Master P, mentioning what he was doing when he was on top of the rap game. At the time, Game was preparing to put Los Angeles on his back, while Master P’s primary focus was business. Game eventually took a hiatus and returned last year. Master P returned to making music this year.

Game and Master P linked up, as his “HVN4AGNGSTA” is a remake of “Heaven For a Gangsta,” taken from P’s 1997 effort. Master P would discuss working with Game yesterday, praising his work ethic. During his interview speaking on Game, Master P referred to him as a true mob boss.