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Game tributes younger brother on “Jesus Piece” album cover

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

No stranger to controversy, Game recently jumped into a feud with his longtime supporter/adviser, Shyne. Before going after Shyne for calling Kendrick Lamar’s debut album “trash,” Game angered his own fan base. Used to causing controversy, Game released the official artwork to Jesus Piece, among much outrage.

While there have been countless debates in the religious circuit about what Jesus actually looked like, many have agreed upon the photo in “The Last Supper.” Game used this photo for the album cover. On the cover, Game displayed Jesus Christ wearing red and throwing up gang signs.

Game defended his actions, as did Pinky, but it did little to comfort the fans. However, the constant stream of new music allowed many to overlook the cover. Now, to please those offended by the Jesus Piece cover, Game changed things up with an alternate cover for the album. On this new cover, Game honors his deceased brother, Jevon Taylor, on the album cover. An old photograph of him was used for the official cover.

See the new Jesus Piece album cover below: