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T.I. talks working with Andre 3000 [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Even with his legal troubles, T.I. managed to rise from being a hip hop superstar to being close to considered one of rap’s legends. For eleven straight years, T.I. managed to consistently release good music. There was a period when T.I. was on a bit of a run, but legal woes slowed this down.

T.I. last released an album in 2010, No Mercy, which went overlooked due to his legal issues. Upon being released in 2011, T.I. decided to build himself up to his album release, closing 2011 with a new mixtape. Throughout 2012, T.I. has played the executive role, for the most part, but is now preparing for his album.

With T.I. rising to legendary status, fellow Atlanta rapper Andre 3000 has long held the title. Much like many other rappers and musicians, T.I. received inspiration from Andre 3000. The Outkast member will appear on Trouble Man and T.I. discussed his appearance on the album earlier today.

Watch the entire video below: