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Breeding Ground, the DMV area: DJ Sir RJ

By Hardcore Critic
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In the DMV area, one of the best-known figures on the hip hop circuit is DJ Sir RJ. Those who live in the Richmond, Virginia area are very well-acquainted with DJ Sir RJ. For some time, DJ Sir RJ has been an on-air personality for 106-5 The Beat. While DJ Sir RJ does hold the title of local celebrity, he is also active on the local Richmond hip hop scene.

DJ Sir RJ has hosted countless mixtapes for artists in the Richmond area and artists outside of the DMV area. Along with hosting mixtapes for artists, DJ Sir RJ also has several mixtape compilations out, helping independent artists gain exposure. When many think of the Richmond, Virginia hip hop scene, the attention quickly shifts to DJ Sir RJ.

The DMV area is full of numerous rappers, models, and other forms of urban entertainers. Each reigon has enjoyed some mainstream attention. Slowly, this is taking place in the DMV area, which is home to many talented figures. With Hip Hop Vibe spotlighting the DMV area, it was necessary for the popular DJ Sir RJ to be featured in the series.