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VH1 releases trailer for “Behind the Music: T.I.” [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Three years ago, VH1 chronicled T.I., who had just been released from prison. Set to make major changes in his life, VH1 covered the ups and downs of T.I. The episode of “Behind the Music” showed how interesting of a person T.I. was. Most importantly, it displayed a softer side of the Grand Hustle leader.

A different side was shown, but it did not stop T.I. from picking up additional charges when he was caught with drugs in Los Angeles. T.I. was sent back to prison, completely turning off the majority of his fan base. Being away on the heels of his previous prison stint did end up having a strong impact on T.I., as he truly got things together.

Simply T.I. from his September 2011 release to the present day is enough to put into a documentary. With T.I. now one of VH1’s biggest reality stars, the network has decided to rebroadcast his “Behind the Music” episode. Tonight, the episode will broadcast. with updated clips, before the latest episode of “The Family Hustle” premieres. The official trailer for the episode was released earlier today.

Watch the entire trailer below:

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