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HHV Exclusive: DJ YRS Jerzy talks new mixtape series and voting

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This past year, DJ YRS Jerzy has undergone an evolution, of sorts. Through living in Charlotte, the Young Riot Squad DJ has built a strong presence in both the North and the South. As a result, DJ YRS Jerzy has been working with numerous North Carolina artists. Among those who are working with Jerzy include Chox-Mak, who is having him host Death by Design.

DJ YRS Jerzy enjoyed a good year, but there is still much work ahead of him. Though it is a big challenge, DJ YRS Jerzy is taking things step by step. Preparing to return to what helped build his buzz, the music, DJ YRS Jerzy will soon be hosting a radio show. Perfect timing is this radio show, as DJ YRS Jerzy is also launching his new mixtape series.

TitledJerzy’s Evolution, DJ YRS Jerzy spoke to Hip Hop Vibe about some of the projects he has in the works, starting with the mixtape. DJ YRS Jerzy discussed the mixtape series, launching the radio station, and who he will be voting for.

Read the entire interview below:

Back in the mixtape game, the name of your mixtape series is Jerzy’s Evolution? Yeah. I felt it was time to give the people something from me, the demand has been growing.

Who are some of the people you will be working with? Mack Drama and other people from 1017 Brick Squad. The YRS, of course, Shorty Mack and my other Los Angeles affiliates, and some up-and-coming artists.

Do you have a release date pin-pointed for the first mixtape? Right now, no. The release date will be announced via Facebook and Twitter. Follow me on Twitter @IamDJYRSJerzy.

Will you have any exclusives on Jerzy’s Evolution? Yes, there will be exclusives from my artists and from some other notable artists.

Who are some of the people you would like to have on your mixtapes? First off, I would like to have Meek Mill, unheard music from Max B, Stack Bundles, and other greats in the game.

How many YRS artists will appear on the projects? I can’t say, just yet, I’m waiting on everyone to get their music done and then I will see who fits on the tape.

Will you promote your mixtapes through the new radio station you are working on? Yeah, why wouldn’t I?

With the election taking place tomorrow, who will you be voting for and why? If I’m going to keep it 100, I’m not even registered, but I will be supporting President Obama for a second term.