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Ashley Salazar invites fans to subscribe to her on Facebook

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Even though it’s the middle of fall, Ashley Salazar is making it feel like it’s the Fourth of July. Hailing from the Midwest, Ashley Salazar has set records for models from the area. During the summer of 2012, Ashley Salazar organized a strong campaign to win Playboy‘s Miss Social for June 2012. This run continued when she competed for morePlayboy placement.

In addition to Playboy, Ashley Salazar was also featured in Maxim and many other up-and-coming magazines that feature female models. Along with showing how strong her will to win is, Ashley Salazar enjoyed a major increase in her already-strong fan base. Already one of the most-popular rising models, Ashley Salazar is inviting more fans to tune in to her movement.

Ashley Salazar has strong followings on both Facebook and Twitter. While her following is very large, more fans are welcome to connect with Ashley Salazar. For those who have not connected with Ashley Salazar on social networks already, are receiving a personal invitation to do so. Facebook members are invited to subscribe to Ashley Salazar’s personal Facebook page here.