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Drake gives speech at high school graduation [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Education is one topic not stressed enough in hip hop. A lack of education, however, is, as most of the biggest rappers in the game did not even complete high school. What surprised many was 2 Chainz being a college graduate, due to his lyrics. Drake being a high school dropout would also surprise many, but the kid from Toronto aimed to do better.

For months, Drake has been working on getting his high school diploma. When his acting career began to take off, Drake opted to end his schooling. However, after becoming a major actor and later a rapper, he began re-thinking his decision. Now, Drake finds himself an advocate for education, as he recently obtained his high school diploma.

Drake also took a break from performing to attend his high school graduation. During the graduation, the Young Money rapper would give a speech to the audience. For his graduation, Drake returned to his hometown of Toronto to talk to the audience.

Watch the entire video below: