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Meek Mill talks lyrics in second episode of “In God We Trust” [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hardcore stories about the street life, paired with his energetic voice has made Meek Mill into a fan favorite. Signing with Maybach Music provided a bigger platform for Meek Mill to continue his run, started on the Philadelphia streets. Meek Mill, off the success of his popular mixtape, Dreamchasers, became one of hip hop’s hottest emcees.

The recklessness of his rhymes captured the attention of the hip hop world, but Meek Mill is proving he can actually be lyrical. Scattered in his rhymes are complex plays on words, which some did not initially expect. His whole life, Meek Mill has defied the odds and is doing so again in his music.

For the lines that may go over the heads of some, Meek Mill dedicated the second episode of his web series, “In God We Trust,” to this. Meek Mill would break down the lyrics of the second song off Dreams & Nightmares. Exactly a week from now, Meek Mill will officially release his debut album.

Watch the entire video below: