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Dee-1 talks teaching with

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

New Orleans hip hop has been at the forefront of the game for several years. Since the days of No Limit Records, New Orleans has been one of hip hop’s leading cities. In recent years, the Lil Wayne explosion has kept New Orleans relevant. Now, however, there are many more artists from New Orleans making moves.

Former Cash Money Records in-house producer, Mannie Fresh, is in the midst of making a comeback. Right after Tha Carter, Mannie Fresh left Cash Money Records in favor of his own situation with Def Jam. Apparently, things did not work out and Mannie Fresh returned to New Orleans, now working with Dee-1.

A couple weeks ago, Dee-1 released his mixtape, The Focus Tape. Since releasing this mixtape, Dee-1 has been making his media rounds. Before rapping full time, Dee-1 was actually a school teacher. This has made him one of hip hop’s most unique figures. Dee-1 would speak with about this.