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Biz Markie to talk ghost encounter on Bio’s “Celebrity Ghost Stories”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One old school emcee who has stood the test of time is Biz Markie. His “Just A Friend” single is still played on the radio and when it is not, it is used for commercials. In 2002, Biz Markie enjoyed a minor comeback when Mario remixed the song and added Biz Markie to the single. Biz Markie, aside from his jit single, is known for his work with Big Daddy Kane.

Longtime hip hop fans often mention such names as Biz Markie when they discuss taking the rap game back to where it used to be. There was once a time when hip hop was fun and they often mention this period of time. Along with representing the old school hip hop, Biz Markie is known for being one of the more eccentric artists in the game.

Biz Markie’s eccentric streak could have possibly come from a childhood encounter. As Biz Markie will be telling Bio tonight at 9 pm, that he met a ghost while going for a midnight snack. The legendary rapper said the experience was like nothing he ever experienced before. Catch Biz Markie tonight on Bio in the series, “Celebrity Ghost Stories.”