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The Next Generation of St. Louis hip hop: Ruka Puff

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

St. Louis hip hop is often overlooked and many consider the Midwestern city’s hip hop scene as a thing of the past. However, St. Louis has a rich history, of course producing the likes of Nelly and Chingy, but there are many more artists from the area keeping the hip hop scene alive. Yesterday, Hip Hop Vibe shed more light on the popular Kenny Knox, today Ruka Puff will be chronicled.

Ruka Puff, like many others, finds himself inspired to do music by those who came before him. Run-DMC and the legendary Michael Jackson are among the artists who inspired Ruka Puff. Before he truly began his career as a rapper, Ruka Puff overcame hardships in his life, including being homeless. After going through a devastating loss, Ruka Puff began his rap career.

Over the past few years, Ruka Puff has become one of St. Louis’ biggest rap artists. Releasing several mixtapes, including Hammm! and the Hood Celebrity series, Ruka Puff has become a fan favorite. In areas outside of the Midwest, Ruka Puff is building a solid fan base. The St. Louis hip hop scene is not only still alive, it is going through a rich creative period, thanks to, in part, Ruka Puff.

Watch “Stop Jockin’ My Swag” by Ruka Puff ft. Foe Foe and Diezel J. Fox below: