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Jay-Z endorses President Obama in 2012 Presidential Election [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In 2008, Jay-Z gave a strong endorsement to Barack Obama for president. On his American Gangster album, Jay-Z called out George W. Bush. Historically, hip hop has endorsed Democratic candidates, or no one at all. Despite the numerous rap beefs, most rappers were able to come together to help Obama secure the presidency.

Barack Obama inspired people with messages of hope and change. After eight years of Republican leadership, the United States was ready for a change. This, paired with an unpopular challenger led to a historic victory for Obama. Several states went Democratic for the first time in decades. But, the presidency has been an uphill battle for Obama.

While many people have shifted their support to challenger to Mitt Romney. Stacey Dash recently caused a major backlash on the internet, due to her endorsing Romney. Dash can be counted out when it comes to the Obama team, but Jay-Z is back on board. Earlier today, Jay-Z officially announced his endorsement of the president earlier today.

Watch the entire interview below: