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Shyne disses Drake and endorses Mitt Romney over President Obama on MTV News [AUDIO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Initially met with critical acclaim, Drake has faced a strong backlash over the past year. The anticipation for Take Care was high, but when the album was released, it disappointed the masses. However, the record sales continued to soar, so Drake ultimately ignored the frequent disses.

Drake would close 2011 and open 2012 trading disses with Common. Their feud reached new heights on Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin,'” which also features French Montana. First, Drake used his verse to diss Common, who added his own diss verse to the song. After ending his feud with Common, Drake had to contend with Pusha T and DMX.

Lil Wayne would soon battle with Pusha T, but DMX has continued taking every opportunity to diss the Toronto sensation. Now, Shyne is the latest rapper to take aim at Drake, calling him an actor on MTV. Shyne said his entire rap career is an act, after calling out Rick Ross and Diddy.

Shyne would later comment on the 2012 Presidential Election, revealing President Obama did not have his support. Citing his failed promise to decrease street violence in inner cities, Shyne is endorsing Mitt Romney. In 2009, however, Shyne was deported from the United States. The former Bad Boy Records rapper, who is also feuding with Coke Boy Brock, would also call the president “corny.” If he returns to America, Shyne promises to stop inner city violence.

Listen to Shyne below:

Shyne on Drake [AUDIO]:

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Shyne on Election 2012: Obama vs. Romney:

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