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Cliff Po to release “The Pharaoh EP” on November 6

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last month, Cliff Po revealed, via Facebook, he planned to release The Pharaoh EP. Initially set for a September release, the EP was indefinitely delayed. Holding fans over, Cliff Po leaked several new songs. Among the standouts was “Pass Me da Green,” a standalone single.

It turns out the delay was for the best, as “Pass Me Da Green” has become a viral hit for Cliff Po, comparable to “Trillz.” The lead single from The Pharaoh EP, Cliff Po is preparing to have a music video filmed for “Pass Me Da Green.” With a popular lead single, Cliff Po is selecting some of his favorite songs released in 2012 to be on the EP.

The Pharaoh EP was been delayed for some time, but with a proper lead single, Cliff Po plans to drop the project on November 6. Cliff Po recently stated “25 Lighters” and his introspective “Living Color” will be featured on the project. Primarily known for tracks such as “Trillz” and “Pass Me Da Green,” Cliff Po plans to show more sides of himself.