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Bang ‘Em Smuf announces Canadian and United Kingdom tour

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Late in 2011, Bang ‘Em Smurf interviewed with Hip Hop Vibe and he warned he would have a big year in 2012. So far, 2012 has gone off according to the plans of Bang ‘Em Smurf, as he has enjoyed much success. In addition to releasing his Blacklisted mixtape, Bang ‘Em Smurf has pulled off several business deals.

Bang ‘Em Smurf has been focused on the development of Maybach Dice for the past few years and he is impressed with the growth. As Maybach Dice prepares to release God’s Plan, he is one of the biggest rising artists in New York City. This was solidified when Bang ‘Em Smurf collaborated with French Montana, making Maybach Dice a Coke Boy.

With his 2012 falling into the plans he laid out, Bang ‘Em Smurf recently announced, via Facebook, he would soon be hitting the road. While he did not announce any tour dates, Smurf did reveal he would be touring in the United Kingdom and Canada. This tour comes after the success of his Blacklisted mixtape, which was hosted by DJ Far.

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