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Dollarmentary to release new music this fall

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For several years, Dollarmentary has been one of the most successful independent rappers in history, working with many legends. Dollarmentary is a Brooklyn native and has had the opportunity to work with Redman and Method Man, only naming a few. The head of his own crew, Space Cadetz, Dollarmentary holds down a number of positions.

Earlier this spring, Dollarmentary impacted the mixtape scene with his Green Crack, which he revealed was set to be his debut album. The mixtape did well for Dollarmentary, helping introduce him to a broader fan base. Now, the Brooklyn legend is preparing for another mixtape, however this one will be retail.

Dollarmentary first mentioned America’s Baby only weeks after Green Crack was released and he has been hard at work on putting the project together. Initially planning to release his new music during the summer, Dollarmentary has decided to wait until early September to release more music. It is all about timing, as Dollarmentary stated earlier today.