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Swizz World Part 2 with Swizz Beatz on Al Lindstrom [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

During the second part of his interview with Al Lindstrom, Swizz Beatz discussed his background in the music industry. The story of Swizz Beatz joining the family business, Ruff Ryders, is known by most. However, Swizz Beatz provided more insight during his latest interview, explaining exactly how Swizz Beatz came to be.

Swizz Beatz revealed he was making a name for himself in Atlanta as a DJ. During this period of time, though, Swizz Beatz was recruited to be a producer. Initially, Swizz Beatz did not know how to produce, but after being walked through it, he was a natural. Soon, he found himself working with other DJs-turned-producers, such as Irv Gotti.

For close to two decades, Swizz Beatz has been producing hits for some of the biggest names in the rap game. DMX, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, and more have all had songs which were produced by Swizz Beatz. In the eyes of some, his production quality is close to being on the level of figures such as Dr. Dre.

Watch the entire interview below: