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Tony Yayo blames media for friction with 50 Cent

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

During his promotion of The Lost Tape, 50 Cent was asked about his relationship with his G-Unit artists, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. The two were surrounded by other artists, such as Young Buck and Game. Both artists went on to have some sort of controversy with 50 Cent, with 50 saying their conflict primarily stemmed from them not being original members.

Four years later, 50 Cent publicly called out Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo for their lack of ambition. In the decade the group experienced success, 50 Cent said he did most of the work. Immediately after these comments began making headlines, both Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo put out new mixtapes. This did not go unnoticed by an unimpressed 50 Cent.

Continuing to urge his artists to do more, blaming himself for their laziness, 50 Cent, said he is looking for more from them. Tony Yayo addressed the situation on Twitter, blaming the media for any friction between 50 Cent, himself, and Lloyd Banks. Despite being involved in feuds with many high profile artists, G-Unit’s core artists have always stuck together.