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Coke Boy Brock releases first trailer for “Blackout 2” mixtape

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

French Montana became the biggest mixtape rapper in New York City, releasing a series of mixtapes over the past five years. While becoming one of the biggest figures on the New York hip hop scene, French Montana also established his crew. The Coke Boys have also become one of the staples of the New York hip hop scene.

One member of French Montana’s Coke Boys camp is Coke Boy Brock. This year, Coke Boy Brock has been dominant on the mixtape scene. With French Montana already established and Chinx Drugz also making a name for himself, Coke Boy Brock is preparing his run. Earlier this year, he released the Blackout mixtape and The First 48.

As he prepares the sequel to his Feburary mixtape, Coke Boy Brock, once again, turns to DJ Diggz and DJ Lust for the hosting of the project. Preparing to release a series of trailers from the new mixtape, Blackout 2, Coke Boy Brock released the first overnight. New York hip hop has mounted a strong comeback over the past year and Coke Boy Brock is becoming a major player.

Watch the entire trailer below: