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Kim Kardashian, the “Perfect Bitch”

By Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The term “bitch” has been a topic for debate for generations. More and more frequently, the phrase has been used to describe women. On numerous occasions, Jay-Z has referred to Beyonce as his “bitch.” When Kanye West began dating Kim Kardashian, he said she was his Beyonce and recently released a song called “Perfect Bitch,” then revealing it was about Kim Kardashian.

In no way is Hip Hop Vibe referring to Kim Kardashian as a “bitch,” but in the eyes of men around the world, she is the perfect woman. After all, when rappers use the term “bitch,” they mean woman. For six years, Kim Kardashian has been an international sex symbol, becoming a mogul along the way.

Whether some love her or hate her, insult her, claim she is fake, there is no denying her attractivness. Kim Kardashian is among the most beautiful women in the spotlight and she is the topic of discussion. Though she has had her brushes with negative publicity, Kim Kardashian has remained above the negativity and has entertained the world, from a public standpoint, for close to a decade.

Kim Kardashian has linked herself with several notable men and, in the process, established herself as a notable woman. In the eyes of many average men, and perhaps women too, they would love to have Kim Kardashian by their side, thus making her the “Perfect Bitch.”

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