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J-Hood to release “Don Status” on August 20

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Since 2007, J-Hood has dominated on the mixtape level. J-Hood has released a series of mixtapes during this period of time. Along the way, J-Hood also built a name for his ODG crew. With his crew still rising in the game, as is J-Hood, he is now preparing for something a bit bigger.

Last month, J-Hood revealed he has a new project in the works, Don Status. Unlike his previous releases, Don Status is not another mixtape. Instead, this new project is more than a mixtape, it is an EP. J-Hood was one of the first known rappers to begin releasing a series of mixtapes.

While J-Hood has had several mixtapes come and go over the past few years, he has yet to put out anything else. One of the biggest independent artists in the game, J-Hood is preparing to make a major push. Don Status has become a highly-discussed project and will be released in a few weeks, coming on August 21.

Among those featured on the project include Frenchie and Lil’ Flip.