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DJ Bankrupt changes format of “Bankrupt Basement”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

DJ Bankrupt has become the champion of the underground hip hop scene, creating a strong outlet for independent artists. His Music Money Mixtapes movement has become highly popular, as DJ Bankrupt has opened doors for many major artists. The website serves as his online radio station.

Recently, DJ Bankrupt changed the title of his radio show to “Bankrupt Basement” and with this change, the format changed. “Bankrupt Basement” now includes a segment where people can call in and talk. DJ Bankrupt has managed to keep himself accessible to his listeners and to all artists who want their music played.

Over the years, DJ Bankrupt has provided chances for many independent artists, helping them to gain exposure. DJ Bankrupt has, in turn, built a solid fan base and quite the name for himself. His station has become one of the most-popular, as it is full of music other hip hop outlets do not include. “Bankrupt Basement” can be listened to via this link.

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