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Cliff Po plans major remix of “Purple Stuff”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Over the past few months, Cliff Po has enjoyed much exposure, as his past projects have picked up steam. Through this exposure, Cliff Po’s profile has risen in New York City, as he is among the sea of rising rappers. However, the Harlem emcee knows his big break is around the corner.

This week, Cliff Po released his “Purple Stuff” single, which features Boog Boogetz, one of the brightest rising stars in New York, and Young Natho, an up-and-comer from the West Coast. The song has done well, but Cliff Po is already thinking bigger. Cliff Po has a remix of “Purple Stuff” in the works.

Recently, Cliff Po revealed information about the upcoming “Purple Stuff” remix. Without divulging much information, Cliff Po revealed there will be a new beat to the single and additional artists added to the single. Cliff Po plans to release the new version of “Purple Stuff” sometime next week.