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Mac Miller defines “Pink Slime” with FUSE TV [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In spite of his lawsuits and digs from other rappers, Mac Miller has remained a favorite amongst fans. Mac Miller, regardless of how some may feel about him, has made history. As an independent artist, Mac Miller was able to sell over 300,000 copies with his Blue Slide Park debut, record-breaking.

Mac Miller caught the attention of many veterans, who have embraced the style of the youngster. One of the few younger rappers who actually acknowledges and embraces hip hop history has earned Mac Miller many friends in high places. Among those include Pharrell.

Before his album, Mac Miller was a mixtape king. So far this year, Mac Miller has proved some things never change. Preparing a tour off his Macadelic mixtape, he is also working with Pharrell on his Pink Slime mixtape. FUSE TV caught up with Mac and he explained what “pink slime” was and the overall meaning of their new release.

Watch the entire interview below: