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Illboyz to return with new footage soon

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Those wondering where the Illboyz have been should not worry, as new episodes will soon be in the works. The Hamburg, Germany-based Illboyz went on a brief hiatus, as the summer began. Enjoying the weather and the break, the Illboyz never did completely stop working.

Recently, Kevin Anahid, the head of Illboyz, discussed the new episodes which will be on the way. Right before the summer, early in June, Anahid announced the interview with Mohammed Ali Malik, which is to take place. More than likely, this will be included on the second season of Illboyz.

Currently, there is no set premiere date on the new Illboyz footage. However, the new footage will premiere on Hip Hop Vibe when completed. Until then, the older footage from Illboyz can be viewed. Among those featured on Illboyz include legendary hip hop artists, Redman and Ice Cube.