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Havoc speaks on Prodigy’s feuds with [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

The truth has finally been revealed, as Havoc recently sat down with and aired out many of his problems. Ironically, the biggest problem Havoc has had comes right from his group, Mobb Deep. Back in April, there were rumors of Havoc calling Prodigy out through Twitter disses, which he denied doing.

However, during his initial interview with, Havoc revealed he did indeed put those tweets out. In confirming those Twitter disses, Havoc said Mobb Deep would be on an indefinite hiatus, effectively ending the duo’s run. Over the years, Prodigy’s antics have served to annoy Havoc.

In the latest installment of Havoc’s interview, he discussed the feuds in which his partner engaged. Among those he disagreed with was his back-and-forth with Jay-Z. The numerous feuds Mobb Deep was involved with, via Prodigy, caused friction for Havoc with many others. Havoc discussed this and much more in his latest interview.

Watch the entire interview below: