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Eminem interview with Nick Craig [AUDIO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

A great deal of time has passed since Eminem released a statement of any form. Two years ago, Eminem proved he still had more left in the tank. In 2010, Eminem was the highest-selling hip hop artist and, alongside Rick Ross, the most popular. Eminem decided to take 2011 off and focus on the development of his label.

Back in May, Eminem announced he had a new album in the works. The announcement came as many were wondering what happened to Eminem. Recently, Eminem made a rare interview stop, calling into Nick Craig. During the interview, Eminem spoke on several topics, which many have questioned for some time.

Eminem discussed his relationship with 50 Cent, the Slaughterhouse album, his own solo album, and much more.

Listen to the entire interview below: