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DJ Bankrupt working on “Bankrupt Business 8” mixtape

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One of the biggest DJs for unsigned artists is Canada’s DJ Bankrupt. Working with a number of independent artists, DJ Bankrupt has opened doors for many. Through his Bankrupt Business series, he has helped a number of artists gain publicity. In July 2012, DJ Bankrupt has dominated, releasing several projects, among them his Snakes in the Playround mixtape with Beast.

The mixtape has done well, garnering numerous plays and downloads all over the world. With the success of his mixtapes, DJ Bankrupt does not take time to celebrate. Instead, he goes back into the studio and puts together more projects. While, obviously, the next DJ Bankrupt mixtape will be released in August, he let his fans know in advance.

During the weekend, DJ Bankrupt reflected on his Bankrupt Business 7, which featured the rising emcee from Chicago, RoGizz. While promoting his most recent release, DJ Bankrupt revealed his next project was in the works. No release date was revealed, but DJ Bankrupt announced his new project, Bankrupt Business 8, was in coming soon.