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Behind the Lens: Big C of Shred Entertainment

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One of the rising talents on the West Coast is Big C. He has made a name for himself through both his music and the filming of music videos. In recent years, many hip hop artists have picked up the camera to both make and save money. Big C is among these, except his success level is a bit higher than most.

Big C has put together several music videos, currently working with SoPresice, who is preparing to release music videos off his Rules of Engagement album. Alongside his partner in rhyme, Kasper, Big C has starred in and released several videos. SoPresice is featured on their “24Hours” single and appears in the video.

Though Big C and Kasper have become highly popular in the rap game, Hip Hop Vibe spoke to Big C about his videography and future filmworks.

Read the entire interview below:

Why did you start shooting videos? For me, I got into doing videos because I used to do motocross videos. Music has always been a passion of mine, so I started bringing songs to life. I love taking songs and bringing them to life.

When did you realize you had a true talent for this? About ten years ago, I started getting noticed. People saw both my music and video editing skills, so I took it from there.

Who are some of the artists you did music videos for? SoPresice, Kasper, J. Crew, a few more local artists. I have also done videos for rock bands. It has been an all-around thing for me.

Could you see yourself branching out and doing actual film? Yeah. I would like to put together movies and documentaries when I get older. But, for the time being, I want to continue doing music videos.

How would you rate your experiences, so far, as a videographer? Anytime you can take something people have put together and bring it to life, it is amazing. Everyone can have their own thought of what a song looks like and a video gives it a new dimension.

Has your work caught the attention of any big names? Recently, I did a commercial for Mo’Thugz. I have had some companies contact me for doing commercials. Right now, I am breaking into the mainstream.

What are some of the music videos you have coming up next? I have a music video coming up with myself and Kasper, called “Hello.” I also have some videos coming out with SoPresice, using the green screen, and I have a video with Rymedy.

Can you talk more about Shred Entertainment? “Shredding” can be anything from video production, music production, sporting, or anything.

Aside from those videos, what else do you have planned for the future? Definitely, I want to put out more videos for all the songs I will produce and also get footage of some big names at shows where my people will be performing at. I want to show how we bring the various crowds to life.