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Trel Mack and Q the Question launch SKE t-shirt line

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Trel Mack has become one of the most-recognized Philadelphia emcees, following Meek Mill and Tone Trump, of course. Still, Trel Mack has built a strong fan base, as his Street Knowledge Entertainment brand, with Q the Question, continues to gain relevance. As Trel Mack continues to gain notability, the SKE brand continues to rise.

Quickly, Trel Mack and Q the Question have become hip hop’s new rapper/businessman duo. Now, however, they are putting out more than music. Years ago, Trel Mack made a name for himself on the mixtape scene. With his street presence built, Trel Mack has more in store for his following, as the official SKE t-shirts have been released to the public.

Teaming up with Q the Question, Trel Mack is putting out the SKE t-shirts, which are currently available for purchase. The shirts have gained popularity, in a little over a week since their release. A popular adult film star, Wesley Pipes, recently endorsed their new clothing line. The SKE brand will soon include baseball caps, as Trel Mack is featured wearing in the photo above.

Wesley Pipes representing SKE: