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Chox-Mak releases physical copies of “Boom Bap”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Earlier this month, Chox-Mak heated up the summer with the release of his long-awaited Boom Bap project. Chox-Mak first announced his latest project during the spring and began promoting the new material. Already, Chox-Mak has his next project in the works, but is still promoting his most-recent release.

Along with the digital copies of Boom Bap, Chox-Mak promised to also have physical copies available. Taking the true independent route, Chox-Mak made plans to have the project available in corner stores. Primarily in his home city, Jacksonville, North Carolina, is where he intends to have his new release.

Today, Chox-Mak was able to finally have his new project available. In addition to having his material available in the local stores, the new CD can also be mailed to those interested in purchasing his material.Boom Bapis availble for $4 for those who purchase directly from Chox-Mak’s label, Jax City Entertainment.