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Nas to record song for his son

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

This spring, Nas’ comeback talk came to life with the release of “Daughters,” the third single off his then long-awaited Life is Good album. Two months later, Nas finds himself sitting on top of the rap game with a critically-acclaimed, chart-topping album. After making his fans wait four years for him to return with another album, Nas is already focused on new music.

“Daughters” continues to gain traction and has been discussed everywhere from barber shops across the United States to CNN. Needing a high-profile single to return him to the spotlight, Nas found his entry with “Daughters,” which opened the world to Life is Good. Overall, the album was very personal, also discussing his marriage and divorce to and from Kelis.

Recently, Nas revealed he would now do a song for his son. On “Daughters,” he did address the father/son relationship, but saying it does not compare to the father/daughter connection. However, the bond is still strong and Nas does plan to visit it. So far, half of the first verse on this new song has been completed.