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Ice Cube talks the Jackson family and Lupe Fiasco with Hot 97 [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In the wake of news about Chris Tucker returning to Friday, Ice Cube finds himself back in the spotlight, as he puts together the fourth edition to his classic series. Ice Cube is working on his film at a time when the world is in the midst of a major change. Among the biggest entertainment topics is the battling between the family of the deceased Michael Jackson.

By the time Michael Jackson reached adulthood, it was clear his family was far from perfect. From the very beginning, his father was portrayed as an abuser. Michael Jackson is no longer here, yet his children are. During their early years, Michael Jackson kept their faces covered. But, after his death, they revealed their faces.

Lupe Fiasco has become the biggest topic in hip hop, as he has begun making his media rounds in promotion of his Food & Liquor II album. Among other things, Lupe Fiasco has made waves for his opinion on hip hop, admitting current popular rapper, 2 Chainz, is “lame.” However, Lupe Fiasco’s stance against Preisdent Obama is perhaps the most-discussed.

Recently, Ice Cube spoke to Hot 97 about both the Jackson family and Lupe Fiasco.

Watch the entire interview below: