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SoPresice talks second and third editions of “No Nuts, No Glory”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Last year, SoPresice began his mixtape series, No Nuts, No Glory, which wrapped up earlier this spring. With a solid background in music, it was only a matter of time before SoPresice launched his rap career. Since his teenage years, SoPresice has been making music, recently overcoming obstacles to continue making music.

Most rappers look back on a definitive mixtape, or series of mixtapes, which helped them get established. SoPresice feels his No Nuts, No Glory series did this for him, as his name has increased in terms of popularity. Each of the four editions of the series of mixtapes was hosted by DJ Bankrupt.

SoPresice previously discussed the first two No Nuts, No Glory mixtapes. In the previous interview, he discussed how each one was different to him. Due to both being his earlier projects, they hold a special place in his hear. But, when he completed the second two, he was a seasoned veteran. The Los Angeles rapper discussed this and what comes next.

Read the entire interview below:

What was the biggest difference going into the making of No Nuts, No Glory 3, compared to the first two projects? I had experienced more, it was more of a grown man mixtape. The third edition had more songs that were “grown up,” like “Stay Down.” That made the difference from No Nuts, No Glory 1 and 2, which was full of hardcore tracks. No Nuts, No Glory 3 appealled to a wider audience. I felt like I reached the audience the right way. At least one of the mixtapes in this series needed a true meaning behind it, I feel 3 was it.

Did you feel any pressure to maintain the same level of energy you brought on the first two tapes? I would not really call it pressure. As a new artist, there is not much pressure. For me, it was having the same strategy with just a different formula. Out of all the tapes in the series, No Nuts, No Glory 3 was my most personal project. At the time, I was going through so much stuff, there was a lot going on. The crazy thing is, I did three versions of the project, looking for the sound and feel I wanted. I had to go back in record different songs. I felt like I had to make songs like that because that is where my mind was at the time.

Going into the third and fourth mixtapes, how much easier was it for both you and DJ Bankrupt? It was so much easier because I knew what I was doing. I had my plan laid out, so Bankrupt was able to focus on the promotion and I was focused on the music. On No Nuts, No Glory 4, I have the funniest story ever, DJ Bankrupt did not even know he was going to be hosting it. I had the cover for it for a while and I decided to record a new mixtape. Originally, Fastlane or Die was supposed to be the original No Nuts, No Glory 4. But, after the reaction to 3, I decided to take some of the favorites off the other parts of the previous mixtapes for a greatest hits-type thing.

When you revealed you were preparing a third and fourth No Nuts, No Glory mixtape, what was the fan reaction like? A lot of people criticized me because they were wondering if I was going to deliver a mixtape in the same vein as the others. When I came with the first mixtape, people noticed, but after the second one, they really began to pay attention. I felt doubted, a bit, going into the third one. But, after the reaction of the mixtape, everyone was supporting me. People were really blasting that mixtape.

Out of all the No Nuts, No Glory mixtapes, which was your favorite? No Nuts, No Glory 3 was my favorite because it was personal. When I came home, I was high risk, so for me, I was really going through it from a mental standpoint. I felt like my freedom was at risk, so I really went in on this mixtape. People really had to understand SoPresice and why I do what I do. I have a son depending on me and he has to be fed. His mother was the biggest supporter I had when I was putting the mixtape together, she was right there in the studio. No Nuts, No Glory 1 and 3 were both very personal, but I was giving different sides of me. The first one was a transition for me, just getting out of prison. Going into the third one, I was free, but everyone around me was in prison and the future seemed so bleak. Everyone in my circle was locked up, people coming in and leaving, the feeling was not right. I lost close friends during this period of time over the music. When everyone has a hand out and not putting in work, it puts a strain on thing. Selfishness, lack of loyalty, and all that took a toll. I shed tears some nights, writing this mixtape. More stress, anger, happiness, confusion, focus, so many emotions, which went into this mixtape.

After Fastlane or Die, would you consider another No Nuts, No Glory mixtape? No. To be honest with you, I do, but I don’t. That series was me, Fastlane or Die is simple, either you support me or you don’t. I’m tired of being nice, this is my statement project, you will respect me. The format for Fastlane or Die, I took from Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings. Every song on that mixtape, I freestyled. No pad, no pen, I just went all the way in.