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Fabolous talks Nas’ new album, “Life is Good”

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Nas has caught the attention of the hip hop world with Life is Good. After forcing his fans to wait a year on the project, Nas delivered an album worthy of the wait. His latest opus was hailed by critics and is in rotation on numerous iPods, phones, and laptops of hip hop fans. Fellow rappers are also highly impressed with the album.

Fabolous, who has been Nas’ label-mate on Def Jam over the past six years, is among those impressed with Life is Good. Much like Nas, Fabolous has made his fans wait over a year for his new album, Loso’s Way 2. The Brooklyn rapper has promised his album will not escape 2012 without being released.

Discussing Life is Good, Fabolous openly admitted his love for the album, praising it from start to finish. At a time when veteran emcees are overlooked and lyrcial ability is an afterthought, many fans felt like Nas’ album was needed. Fabolous feels the same way, saying Life is Good is a breath of fresh air.