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Diamond talks Lil’ Scrappy and “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” with XXL [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Diamond was first introduced to the world through Crime Mob, a group which was closely affiliated with Lil’ Scrappy. When Lil’ Scrappy was signed to Lil Jon’s BME label, he worked closely with the group. Soon, it was revealed Lil’ Scrappy was romantically involved with Diamond, with the couple becoming popular on the Atlanta scene.

Last summer, the relationship fell apart when Diamond revealed, via Twitter, she was now involved with Soulja Boy. Though Diamond left Lil’ Scrappy for Soulja Boy, he conducted several interviews saying he was happy for the couple. Earlier this year, Lil’ Scrappy again stated his well wishes, but also said he wished Diamond would have split from him privately.

Lil’ Scrappy finds himself back in the spotlight and headlines, as he is a part of VH1’s successful reality series, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Being back in the spotlight, Lil’ Scrappy’s personal issues have become weekly entertainment, thus his past with Diamond is being brought up. Diamond has also enjoyed media attention because of this, speaking with XXL about Lil’ Scrappy and “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Watch the entire interview below: