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DJ YRS Jerzy talks managing new artists and new mixtapes

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

At the start of the summer, DJ YRS Jerzy revealed he intended to release several mixtapes during the summer and throughout the year. DJ YRS Jerzy had previously taken a break from mixtapes, after working with Shorty Mack and Tim Stacks in 2011. While on his hiatus, DJ YRS Jerzy built relationships with a number of newer artists.

Though a native of Jersey City, DJ YRS Jerzy is currently located in Charlotte, North Carolina and he has become a fixture on the hip hop scene. Quickly, DJ YRS Jerzy has started working with several artists, managing J Paq and Tim Stacks. As a manager, DJ YRS Jerzy has lined up several projects and is continuing his mixtape.

Outside of Charlotte, DJ YRS Jerzy is making a name for himself, managing SoPresice, who is based in Los Angeles and 9 Milly in Harlem. Before the close of 2012, DJ YRS Jerzy plans to release mixtapes from both artists. DJ YRS Jerzy spoke to Hip Hop Vibe about his upcoming work, as both a manager and with his mixtapes.

Read the entire interview below:

What led you into management? I wanted to try something different and wanted to make a name for myself outside of being a DJ.

How would you explain the relationship you have with your clients? We are all doing great. Right now, they are all working on their projects. I feel my artists are on the verge of making it big.

So far, how do you feel about being a manager? I am loving it right now, I want to see how far I can take my artists.

Do you feel venturing into management will help you build your profile as a DJ further? Yes, because I can meet more artists through management. The more artists I meet, the more they get to learn about DJ YRS Jerzy.

When can fans expect the next mixtape from DJ YRS Jerzy? In the coming days. The name of the project is Fastlane or Die with SoPresice and Jmel’s The Fix Up.

What was it like working with SoPresice? It has been good, he is doing his thing in Los Angeles right now. Soon, I hope we can get some music videos out to the public.

How would you rate Jmel’s The Fix Up? I rate it a 9, he has features from Murdah Baby and many other artists.

When do you plan to release a DJ YRS Jerzy compilation mixtape? Hopefully in the next few months. Right now, I hope to have one out by September.