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DJ Khaled urges fans to buy “God Forgives, I Don’t” [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Rappers who stick with their DJs ultimately find success. The relationship between Rick Ross and DJ Khaled, also factoring in where their careers are, cements this theory. Both emerged on the scene in 2006 and helped place the Miami hip hop scene on top. Miami has benefitted from having Rick Ross and DJ Khaled prosper over the past few years.

From the beginning, Rick Ross found success, signing with Def Jam and lifting a gold plaque with his debut album, Port of Miami. DJ Khaled joined Fat Joe’s Terror Squad and soon found himself working with the top rappers in the game. Lil Wayne was among the first major rappers to begin working with DJ Khaled, leading to him replacing DJ Drama.

DJ Khaled’s platform soon expanded, leading to him helping Rick Ross and Plies gain more exposure, making Trilla, an even bigger success for Rick Ross. Landing an executive position with Def Jam and then Rick Ross’ feud with 50 Cent led to a major build up for Deeper Than Rap. Since then, Rick Ross has been on top of the rap game and is now preparing to release God Forgives, I Don’t and DJ Khaled encourages this with a video.

Watch DJ Khaled’s video below: