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Young Buck discusses prison sentence, Cash Money, and Maybach Music with XXL

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Starting with the highly-improbable downfall of Ja Rule and Murder Inc. Records at the hands of 50 Cent, hip hop has gone through several changes over the past decade. 50 Cent made it clear he had replaced Murder Inc. with G-Unit and his tougher, stronger, crew was built to last. But, G-Unit proved to have their own set of flaws.

It turned out 50 Cent’s problems did not stop with Ja Rule, as he created tension with other veterans, Nas, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, his own artist Game, Diddy, Jay-Z, and many more. In-house beef became common at G-Unit, as 50 Cent publicly called Young Buck out. During this period of time, Young Buck reached out to Jadakiss, stating they never had direct beef.

Young Buck was soon ousted from G-Unit and he began his own series of disses aimed at 50 Cent and G-Unit, fighting to get off G-Unit Records. Last year, Young Buck was finally released from his contract and he began working with his former label, Cash Money Records. During this time, Young Buck also made an appearance with Rick Ross and worked with his Maybach Music, one of G-Unit’s biggest rivals. As he began to make progress in his post-G-Unit career, Young Buck was sentenced to eighteen months behind bars.

Recently, Young Buck spoke toXXLabout his upcoming time in prison and his relationships with Cash Money and Maybach Music. It has definitely been a challenge for Young Buck over the past few years, but he said he is leaving the past in the past. Young Buck went on to say he put his situation in God’s hands a long time ago. While he has been focused on his comeback, he has worked closely with both Cash Money and Maybach Music, hip hop’s biggest powerhouses. Young Buck credited both for the strides they have made in the rap game, but did not mention signing to either.