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T.I. discusses acting opposite Kelsey Grammar on “Boss” with XXL

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Years ago, T.I. proved he was much more than a rapper, as he has shown the potential he has over the years. Now, T.I. is maximizing this potential, using his energy towards positive things, which has yielded him much success. T.I. came out of prison with new focus and he has become a man of action in the rap game.

Aside from his continued work with Iggy Azalea and the work on his Trouble Man album, T.I. has a new acting role. A few months ago, it was revealed that T.I. would have a role opposite of the legendary actor, Kelsey Grammar, on “Boss.” Grammar plays the role of a Chicago mayor and T.I. was cast as a former gang leader and his political rival.

XXL spoke to T.I. today and he talked about his work with Kelsey Grammar, praising his acting skills. Among other things, T.I. credited him as one of the best actors he has ever been around, as he has been around Denzel Washington and many other legends. T.I. also spoke on his role of Tray Rogers, the political rival to Grammar.