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“Freeway” Rick Ross continuing lawsuit against Rick Ross

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

From the beginning, it was clear Rick Ross’ persona was that of a drug dealer, as evidenced in all of his music videos. It was not until two years ago, however, that this persona became the center of controversy, as the original Rick Ross returned to reclaim his title. “Freeway” Rick Ross had served a prison sentence for the crimes committed as a drug trafficker, the same lifestyle portrayed in Rick Ross videos.

With Rick Ross preparing to release Teflon Don, “Freeway” Rick Ross filed a lawsuit in which he sought half the profits generated by Rick Ross’ album. Rick Ross denied stealing the lifestyle of “Freeway,” but did admit to being inspired by those who have come before him. In the end, Rick Ross was able to retain full profits off his album, but “Freeway” Rick Ross has continued pressing.

Two days ago, “Freeway” Rick Ross received permission to continue his lawsuit against Rick Ross. This time around, he is adjusting his lawsuit to include Warner Bros. Records, the distributor for Maybach Music, for unjust enrichment and false advertisement. Rick Ross has a federal trademark for his rap moniker.