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Silk Black prepares “Autobiography of a Hustler” book

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

There has not been much emphasis on the hip hop scene in Wilmington, North Carolina, though the city has had a vibrant hip hop scene for close to two decades. Among the longest-tenured artists on the Wilmington hip hop scene is Silk Black. Over the past twenty years, Silk Black has been recording and releasing music, building a strong reputation.

Given everything he has seen and everything he has experienced, Silk Black made the decision to chronicle it in an autobiography. In recent years, many well-known rappers have branched out and written their own books. Silk Black has joined this movement, titling his book, Autobiography of a Hustler, chronicling his career.

A veteran on the Wilmington hip hop scene, Silk Black is the CEO of Uglyville Records, which consists of a modeling and film division. Due to the talent and the longevity of the brand, Silk Black is currently pushing for some sort of deal for his crew. For the time being, however, Silk Black plans to continue promoting the music and his new book, Autobiography of a Hustler.