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Nas talks “Life is Good” album cover with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex [VIDEO]

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

With Life is Good finally out, Nas is making several media rounds. Anticipation for the album has been high and Nas put out classic material. Everything from the tracks on the album to the actual cover has been the cause of controversy. Nas recently went over to Hot 97 in New York City and spoke to Funkmaster Flex.

Many questioned Nas about the wedding dress in the Life is Good cover when the cover was initially released to the public. Confirming the rumors, Nas revealed the dress belonged to Kelis and she wore it during their wedding. But, when the two divorced and she moved out of their home, Kelis left the dress behind, which got to Nas.

Instead of letting it bother him, Nas decided to use the dress as inspiration, using it for the cover of his album and speaking about Kelis on the album. During his interview with Funkmaster Flex, Nas discussed the reaction Kelis had to the cover and the album. Despite being divorced, Nas previously said he felt Kelis would support him, for the most part.

Watch the entire interview below: